Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tips to avoid getting bored with sex

When sex becomes routinely and become an obligation, it is very likely sex lost its magic, so you and your partner do it casually without passion. Even worse, when you're on stage "it doesn't really matter if you don't have sex"

You have to be alert because intimacy is important for your happiness and your partner. Couples who are happy would make the home atmosphere pleasant, and most importantly, the kids will be happy too.

How to avoid getting bored with sex


When was the last time you talked with your spouse? Not just talk about the issue about leaking roof or the bathroom plumbing that must be replaced. Talk about your past honeymoon. Look into his / her eyes, share memories in the past that makes you so passionate about it.

Create a sex signal

avoid getting bored with your couples sex
Each couple has their own communication style, especially when you're passionate about, whether through eye gaze, glance, or a smile, or a solicitation sentence only you two understand. Every time you feel passionate about, give him the signal.

Always try something new

For one thing there's no need to try anything too dramatic, such as using a whip. Because sex that make your partner feel inconvenience can actually killing the passion itself.

Realize your fantasy

Fantasy sex is a natural and healthy sex life. As long as it the fantasy does not make either of you feel uncomfortable, as well as have an impact on physical or emotional violence. Before sharing, you and your partner should make a limited basis between which allowed and which are not. Equally important, pledged to appreciate each other individual fantasy.

Try something simple, such as aroma therapy, soak in warm water together, or massaging each other. Anything that makes you both comfortable. You can also do it in a totally new place (such as a hotel or staircase), where you and your partner have never choose to have sex. Still in doubt? Buy the book collection of sex style kamasutra; read it together and select a style that will be tried.

Plan and execute!

Many couples assume, scheduling sex will reduce the sensation. In fact planning a romantic night alone with scenarios that are designed together can be very exciting. Giving each a wonderful feeling of waiting for something. However, keep in mind, once the commitment is made, you both need to be obey to run it.

There's no reason to be tired or not in the mood. Regular sex will solve arousal hormone, making you and your partner still want to have sex with each other even after tens of years of marriage.